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The Traditional Incense Crafting Course
6 Core Modules of in-depth education on nature's most potent botanical treasures.

12 Visually stimulating videos, with close-ups of live action.

12 MP3s and transcripts handouts of the lessons for easy learning on the go.

A library of recipes for making incense cones, sticks and loose blends.

PDF Worksheets and one-of-a-kind incense and aroma classification charts to make it easy to find your next ingredient.

My personal sourcing list and Expert Guide to Sourcing pure, natural, ethical and sustainable plant products.

Hundreds of expert tips and tricks from my decade of professional experience as the founder of America's most popular incense company (these tips and tricks are found nowhere else!)

Incense Crafting Starter Kit - 1oz Australian Sandalwood, 1oz Makko, 1oz Benzoin powder, 1oz. Copal Oro resin, 1/2 oz Tragacanth, 1 Japanese Incense Cone Mold - ($55 value)

+ Free Bonus - Aromatics & Incense Master Interview Series ($149 value)

+ Free Bonus - Materia Aromatica Ebook ($9 value)
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""Evan's teachings came at the perfect time on my healing journey. Whether you're wanting to expand your knowledge of the healing properties of plants, deepen your connection to your heart and intuition, or want to add more tools to your self healing toolbox, this school IS A MUST for an incredibly expansive journey.""

- LeAnn Rimes, Country Singer & Soul Blogger

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$139 usd
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